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Eightfold prides itself on our people and the things that are important to them

Built upon years of industry knowledge, and lessons learned from their prior agency, co-founders Henry Ebarb and Steven Kreschollek set their minds upon creating a new agency; one built ready for the ever changing technological landscapes of today.

Eightfold was built upon the idea that web technology should never be shrouded in mystery - code is merely the tool used to solve problems and at its core, Eightfold is a problem solving company. We're constantly evolving, growing, and building to ever meet the demands of an industry still finding its foothold.

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henry ebarb


Henry follows a prime directive when it comes to business - get the task at hand accomplished and move on to the next item. Preferring simplicity and structure, he has avoided the pitfalls of other entrepreneurs. Ideas are great, but fail without capable execution. We don't set the holy grail of ideas up at the expense of usability.

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Steven Kreschollek


Born with a passion for technology, Steven immediately began life picking apart everything he could get his hands on. From a cursory glance, it appears he's still doing that.

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Director of Client Strategy

Wielding an emphasis on memorable, measurable, and extensible experiences, Tyler demystifies the technologies that help businesses go faster. For him, service expansion and revenue growth are impossible without an understanding of where business needs meet the user’s perspective.

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jordan craft

account manager

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zara glidden

content manager

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jess ebarb

brand designer

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tyler tubbs

sr webflow designer

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mike bush

sr web developer

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alex rhine

full stack developer

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jared gale

it manager

Prescott, Arizona

Our Headquarters

We're building a different kind of tech company, one that will grow along with its employees, and its community, and to do that, we wanted to position ourselves, geographically, a little differently.

America is dotted with small towns just like Prescott, and we want to build a technology driven culture that can take root in rural America, proving that high-tech jobs can be for more than just a few coastal cities.

Nestled at an elevation of 5,200 feet above sea level, and about an hour and a half drive from Phoenix, with an average temperature of 70 degress and breathtaking scenery, we couldn't have found a more perfect spot to start our adventure.

So if you want to escape that cold winter climate, or the brutal summer heat of Phoenix, we're happy to have you come to us - or if you'd prefer, we're always up for travel!

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