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Ammo Planet was built upon the premise of providing products to an audience that was experiencing mass shortages throughout the country. The core effort was to get ammunition products listed for the customers that were struggling to find access to the various calibers and offerings from brands.

Key aspects

  • Site needs to sell ammo in its most efficient form – loading quickly and showcasing product to the user
  • Headless architecture is preferred – we leveraged Next.js with a Magento backend
  • In order to quickly build an audience, the site needed tools to provide product feeds to ammo search engines, as well as develop an email marketing audience
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The Eightfold team leveraged a headless architecture using Magento as the store management solution and tied that into a front-end with Next.js. The use of Next.js provided a complete solution for ensuring that content loaded fast and the site was optimized for user experience. Our design focused on highlighting products and remaining brand agnostic. Design also focused heavily on ammunition products and was structured around that purpose. The use of Magento was predicated on the headless implementation, but also as a work around for the regulatory limitations for a product like ammunition.

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Key Technologies


Why Headless Magento?

If you’ve worked with Magento before, you know that the platform can often be a headache, and very difficult to make changes to. Headless Magento alleviates some of that pain by shifting the front-end development to modern tools that developers love – not beholden to Knockout.js, XML configuration, and other such tools. While it doesn’t solve all of Magento’s problems (it can often still be difficult to incorporate backroom logic without reaching for paid modules), it goes a long way to making Magento much more developer (and marketer!) friendly.


Learn more about these technologies

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The resulting product was a completely custom ecommerce experience with a unique checkout flow, cart management, headless architecture with tools like Contentful, Magento and more all in play. Each platform plays an important role in delivery and success for the platform. The end result had several key wins.

  • The platform won $2M in sales in its first year (10 month period)
  • 8 month timeline – ideation to full product launch
  • Successfully pivoted from a single product category to a full suite of ancillary products
  • 450,000 Unique Sessions in 2021

Product State

Ammo Planet was able to thrive in 2021 in spite of being a brand new site with an unknown brand. The use of smart technology, good strategic marketing tactics and of course a product in high demand, fueled a very successful first year on the market. Ammo Planet now has a product and brand to evolve into a full fledged direct to consumer product. 2022 is set to be a bigger year for the company!

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Ammo Planet

Ammo Planet is a fully-scaled ecommerce website with integration for multi-vendor management as well as in-house products.

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