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Dosis reached out to the Eightfold team due to an explicit need for a Gatsby website. The ask: 1) strong design, emphasizing the minimalist nature of their product, 2) fast-loading, and fast-conversion, and 3) a focus in highlighting core pieces of the Dosis platform.

Key aspects

  • Leverages Gatsby.js for good SEO support
  • Conversion-oriented and audience-oriented structure 
  • Conservative, minimalist design that is content-focused 
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Dosis was not a content-heavy website. The core customer for the Dosis platform is a well-educated medical professional that manages medication dosage. With this in mind, we restructured a decent amount of the existing content and trimmed it down to only what was necessary. We then built key graphics and visual aids to ensure that the user understood what the platform provided.

Dosis Web mockup

Key Technologies


Why Gatsby + NetlifyCMS?

Gatsby is an incredibly powerful tool – built on top of technologies modern developers know and love – TypeScript and React – and a perfect fit for a modern, clean, high-performing static-feeling marketing sites. We love its ease of use, and out-of-the-box performance it brings. NetlifyCMS makes content storage easy – by keeping your content right alongside your code in Git!


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The end-product for Dosis was exactly what they asked for: a minimalist design with an emphasis on speed. The content needed to be poignant and high level. Even though the product and platform couldn’t be overtly featured, they required some visual assets to process what the platform helps provide for medication delivery. Our website design does just that.

Product State

Dosis now has a robust site that can quickly stand up additional content and serves the SEO requirements to rank well within Google. Using Gatsby, a react.js based framework, the site can load in all content quickly and emphasize the qualities that make search most proficient. Overall, the site is smartly designed and developed using the technologies that Eightfold is known best for.

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