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Eightfold was tasked with building a new site for the rebranded overland expedition vehicle company now known as Nimbl Vehicles. The new site needed to showcase the high-quality features and design of the expedition vehicle, while ensuring that users interested in purchasing can convert readily.

Key aspects

  • Great design that highlights the aesthetics of the product
  • Quick-loading pages that accentuate the content
  • Conversion-focused structure and content to meet one goal: sell the truck
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Eightfold built the site using the traditional tools and CMS from WordPress, but leveraged modern front-end technologies and ensured that speed was a key aspect of the build. Our design team chose from pieces and elements that highlight both the experience and community of the overlanding world, while invoking the feeling of motion and elevation. The site needed to record user data and – most importantly – help the brand launch its redesigned expedition vehicle product.

nimbl screen mockup

Key Technologies


WordPress often gets a bad rap amongst modern development circles, but that reputation isn’t necessarily fair. One of the key foundations of any project is working with a client to best determine the underlying CMS technology. Yes, we can build things on the new and shiny, and yes, they can be awesome in their own right. Ultimately, however, the technology needs to work for the people maintaining and operating the end result. Nimbl was no different. WordPress was chosen for the simple reason that the stakeholders had prior knowledge of the system, and were comfortable with the platform. Thus, choosing WordPress prevented the need for intense training and avoided needless complexity for the client. It’s a known entity, and that’s what mattered the most.


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Eightfold placed heavy emphasis on not only the need to have the content to load quickly, but also to have the qualities of the design remain preserved across device types. Our pride in both design and development is being showcased here – and our connection to the overland community forever solidified.

Product State

Eightfold has maintained a working relationship with Nimbl Vehicles over the years and their ownership entity, Be Change LLC. As a result, this site has evolved past its initial phase and form into something more. It features, most heavily, the components and force of a product that is destined to shape the overlanding industry at large. The core focus of the website is to highlight the incredibly capable elements of the platform – the F350 – and the attached yacht-quality habitat. As a result, the Nimbl Vehicles site has gone through a series of iterative updates, and the addition of plenty of content to keep it as a centerpiece for users considering an expedition vehicle.

view the live site

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