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Northern Arizona Center for Addiction (NACA) has been a long-time SEO client with Eightfold (3+ years), and leverages our exceptional ability to deliver on rankings and high-quality content. In Q4 of 2021, they decided to relaunch their website using a new system.

Key aspects

  • Clean, empathy-oriented design with a sensitive approach to substance abuse information and treatment
  • Leverages Gatsby.js for good SEO structure
  • Organized for the use of Strapi as the CMS
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NACA had a lot of faith that our team could put together a website that would be top-tier in both design and development quality. As with all things in the addiction treatment space, the site would need to be conversion-oriented by ensuring that users could easily find their way to speaking with a treatment specialist.

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Key Technologies

Call Tracking MetricsCSSGatsbyHTMLJavaScriptStrapi

Why Gatsby + Strapi?

Gatsby is an incredibly powerful tool – built on top of technologies modern developers know and love – TypeScript and React – and a perfect fit for a modern, clean, high-performing static-feeling marketing sites. We love its ease of use, and out-of-the-box performance it brings. Strapi is a wonderful complement for storing all of your content, and while there are definitely pros and cons to any CMS platform, we love Strapi for it’s configurability, and easy to understand structure. It also makes bolting on future content types, pages, and other such content a breeze.


Learn more about these technologies

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The end product focused on speed of load, content and SEO, as well as simple UI that catered to the most important features of the site. Focusing on content and simplicity ensured that the site would do what users needed to do most: inform them of their options and ensure they could find the appropriate treatment care for their loved ones. 

Product State

NACA has seen conversion rates sky-rocket since relaunching with Gatsby.js. The speed of the site and emphasis on conversion features makes it possible for users to quickly make decisions about whether or not this center will be a good fit. The site saw a significant increase in SEO effectiveness and jumped in the rankings in just a few weeks following the move to the new platform. Leveraging the headless CMS structure with a fast front-end like Gatsby.js was a very smart move.

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