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Eightfold was tasked with ensuring the site achieved a desired aesthetic that represented the brand’s “Food For All” promise while featuring key products. They also needed a team that was quick to the task and could roll out campaigns in an aggressive, responsive manner. As the site is e-commerce-focused, the end-product would need to prioritize mobile devices and focus heavily on the user’s path to conversion.

Key aspects

After the initial phase of work was complete, we set to the task of cleaning up several errant portions of the website. These we brought up to par with the product’s quality and featured the best elements of each to the user. Following the cleanup phase, we tackled the aesthetic of the site, making a complete overhaul of the homepage and the ways in which products were displayed. We provided resources to help feature products and an area to host current campaigns and product launch opportunities. We’ve been involved in the integration of all new product launches and features since the outset of our efforts.



While working through the updates for Safe + Fair, we quickly realized there was never any set-up for a sustainable way to keep theme files clean, organized, and version controlled. We remedied this by removing all of the previously dated themes (V1, V2, V3,, etc), keeping only two themes – what we called Production and Development. The theme was then added to version control, with branches for each of the theme environments. We now use the Shopify-built Shopify Theme Kit tool to manage deployments & updates to the theme files without having to re-upload the same theme again and again. Neat!

Safe & Fair Website mockup

Key Technologies


Shopfiy – an eCommerce jolt.

While it’s been around since about 2006, Shopify still feels like a relative newcomer in an industry long dominated by platforms like WooCommerce, Magento, and other such projects. However, with the global COVID pandemic shifting a lot of customer spending online, and with a growing seed of doubt against large e-tailers like Amazon, Shopify has quickly become the platform for many new and upcoming digital storefronts. Building upon the same conceptual benefits of a platform like Apple’s iOS, Shopify saw the huge benefit of working with developers to quickly build out a reputable location for functionality driven apps and beautifully designed templates – arguably the best part about the platform.


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Post-overhaul, the new designs and features have helped facilitate triple-digital increase in site visits, revenue, and transactions! Plus, site improvements increased conversion rates on key channels by double-digit totals. These updates have led to a better user experience overall, with decreased bounce rates and increased time on site.

Key site wins:

  • 311% Increase in transactions
  • 15.62% Increase in Channel Conversion Rate
  • 515% Increase in Users Reaching Checkout

Product State

Safe + Fair has adjusted their design, but has kept many of the design principles and uses the core technology they have had in place since the beginning. During this phase, revenues were at an all time high and conversion rates skyrocketed and provided an endless system for product sales development – this site accented the features and power of Shopify.

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