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The VistaOTC team needed to create a unique, new brand, while utilizing an existing Shopfy-powered dataset. On top of migrating an existing theme with some tweaks for branding and functionality, the Eightfold team was also tasked with building a unique data solution for providing customers the ability to search and select a nearby doctors office.

Key aspects

  • Leverages the existing Shopify architecture
  • Feature the newly minted products and brand
  • Leverages a powerful backend solution for location-aware doctor finding
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The Eightfold team built the core eCommerce platform out in six weeks. We then built a connected app to help customers find the appropriate medical provider to receive subscription services for pharmaceutical-grade products. Design was product-oriented and built with a wide range of products in mind. The tie between the Shopify platform and our custom API backend was a key feature.

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Key Technologies


How it all works

Utilizing publicly available information, we built an API back-end on-top of a lightweight Django install. Utilizing some out of the box solutions for managing data, we were able to incorporate both automated data syncs, as well as back-office entered information. This gave VistaOTC the capability of supplanting publicly available data with their own, focused data.


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Eightfold built a custom Shopify template and a set of unique tools for revenue-tracking and profit-sharing with doctors. Additionally, we created a database for finding and locating doctors at the national level. This ensured customers could correlate their order(s) with the appropriate medical professional(s).

Key Product Wins:

  • $500K in revenue (YTD, since launch)
  • Hundreds of products added to Shopify under the new brand
  • Creation of a Vista OTC-only product (the doctor finder database)

Product State

Vista OTC is in full use and expanding. They have, since launch, added hundreds of products and built out their network of doctors enrolled in their program. Vista has begun generating considerable, recurring revenue for the organization at large, and continues to prove a highly successful service. 

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