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These days content is mostly centered around copy and search engine marketing, or some for social media delivery, but a lot goes into proper content design and market planning. A big item many companies will need is planning for designed content and strategies for delivery. An infographic on a blog page might be good for the search engines, but won’t translate well to Facebook - similarly, a content item may need to be replicated for video.


Good content design accounts for multiple mediums and delivery systems. A good piece of content can go a long way. If the team understands what needs to be done – we can build a strategic content series that can be designed to fit any medium

Delivery of content in a digital format with detailed design can ensure that users can grasp the data and information being presented is both on brand, and caters to the desired result – whether that is in a call to action and convert, or to dive in further with the brand.


Visualization of information is one of the most important things you can do for your content. However, this is one of the biggest challenges in the digital age. WIth so many mediums for delivery and the fact that device types can vary greatly can make it very difficult to ensure that you are getting a digital product that can work across all of that. Helping the client visualize their information is key.

Where to Start

Assess your content and the information you are trying to relay. Decide what would support a marketing campaign and how a company like Eightfold might help bolster your marketing efforts with high quality design resources. We can make content work wonders in a simplified, visual format.

What You Should Do

Consider your content – does it feel word heavy and bare bones? Are you using stock imagery and standard organization that makes your site feel like you are building wikipedia pages? If you do get a sense that you would benefit from better visualizations and a good strategy to content design, that is the indicator that you would benefit from our efforts.

Things to Consider for Your Content Design

  • Content design has grown in prevalence and importance as users are bombarded with content, Content is King.
  • Looking to make user centered content, this is a great primer from Yoast, one of the best SEO companies in the space.
  • Not sure what a content design agency should look like, here is what they do!

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