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As a marketing technology agency, we offer a comprehensive set of digital marketing services—from SEO to paid advertising management. To understand digital marketing, you need to understand your audience: who they are and what they expect from your content. We help craft that messaging, build a campaign, create the strategy for your content, and provide a delivery method.

Market Research

Many companies can get you access to data for developing a marketing plan and strategy, but Eightfold helps you understand that data. Most importantly, we also help you understand your competitors’ data. 


We also develop user personas and build user data sets that can help us generate content and link it with a delivery strategy. For market research to be effective, you need insight into user behavior and to define what is important to your audience. 

Delivery Strategy

Content and marketing can be delivered through a large variety of mediums. Whether you need video content delivery, written content, designed content, or some other form, we can help develop a data-driven delivery strategy. Paid channels may be a good option, but you need to define which channels will best serve your content. Whether or not your audience will be there is discovered through testing and strategic development. 


Whether you are delivering product feeds, content through native ads, search engine optimization, or programmatic display and video advertising, Eightfold has you covered. 

What to Know

Starting a digital marketing campaign can mean a variety of things to various companies. At its core, it should ensure that your efforts convert and develop brand education. 


In a digital space where users are inundated with content and messaging, your band needs to stand out and differentiate itself. That’s easier said than done, but ultimately, it’s about creating a unique channel for the brand.


What We Do

We bring you options, strategic data and planning. Our team has refined our process to deliver incredible returns on your marketing dollars. 


Whether your needs are in SEO and content development, or you require video content creation and designed branded content, our team will help ensure your work is optimized and strategically aligned as the data flows. We do not run channels that don’t convert or establish brand leadership, and we will not waste your time with strategies we do not believe in. 

Things to Know about Digital Marketing and Technology

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