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Our SEO work is rooted in our understanding of both the technical requirements that sites should employ to serve your content, and the types of content that the search engines love. If you can’t effectively blend these two elements, one will suffer from the lack of the other.


SEO starts with competent technology. If your site is an inhibitor, you’ll constantly struggle with ranking. Competitors are no longer limited to direct industry competitors – these competitors have expanded to groups that seek to create leadership in a variety of segments.You’ll have to displace them as well.

With core technology built and optimized properly, you can focus on the piece that matters to every channel in your marketing strategy: content.


Content is something we know and produce in spades for our clients – and not just website copy. We create industry-appropriate content that caters to the search engines while providing real value for your users.Our content team can refine your long-term SEO strategy – or help you start from scratch –  with an emphasis on content that searchers can find.

Where to Start

You can start with content, or you can start with your technology, but you should be aware that both need to work together in harmony. We can audit and analyze your site and approach, or if you don’t have one, we can help you develop and execute an effective strategy.

What You Should Do

Take stock of your efforts. Does your site convert? Does your content have any rankings or generate any kind of visibility? Start planning what you need to do to make things happen and work with a group like Eightfold.We empower organizations with marketing and outreach plans based on their individual needs, taking into account what already works well.

Things to Consider for Your SEO & Content

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