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Taking your design from napkin-sketch to usable product can be daunting–but we can help! We collaborate with your internal marketing and design teams throughout a project to ensure you get a complete, user-friendly product, just the way you and your customers want it.

User Research

Since they use their devices to engage with you, it just makes sense to design with your audience in mind. We think like they do to deliver a human-first product that resonates with easy readability and is packed with purposeful design.

Market Research

Eightfold uses all of the industry standards in market “listening” tools (think Ahrefs, SEMRush, BuzzSumo, etc.), but we also pay attention to your most important resource: your consumer. Our time and energy is spent understanding the driving motivation behind their behavior, so we can show them how you outshine your competitors.

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Defining Your Brand Attributes

Within today’s corporate landscape, identifying and distinguishing your brand attributes is essential. Amid ever-changing technologies, cultural trends, and marketing methods, the task of building strong brand equity may seem daunting. But if your business provides a product or service to consumers (no matter the industry), developing your brand attributes is well worth the effort. It […]

Read ArticleJanuary 26|Eirlyse Sollars

Minimalism Vs. Maximalism in Web Design: Why Less is (Not) Always More

Minimalism has been dominating the creative field for years, leaving little room for out-of-the-box ideas and designs. What if we could add just a tiny bit of originality to spice things up? Minimalism vs. Maximalism in Art, Life, and UX There’s no way you could exist in modern society without experiencing minimalism. From tech to […]

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