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Webflow vs Elementor: Which is Right for Your Website?

Webflow and Elementor are both well known website builders, but which one is better? Webflow offers a whole toolbox to work with while Elementor is one tool.

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Eightfold Won The Manifest Company Award for Phoenix’s Most Reviewed B2B Leader for 2024!

From our beginnings in 2018, Eightfold has been a committed digital partner that focuses on cost-effective web design, high-quality content, and hands-on SEO. We build high-performance web products utilizing a diverse number of platforms and frameworks. The strategies we create allow our partners to meet their unique needs and scale. We are the all-around team […]

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4/9/2024 |Zara Glidden


Onshore vs. Offshore Outsourcing: What Difference Does It Make?

While offshore outsourcing gets all the attention, onshore outsourcing is also a viable option. Which one is right for your business?

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5/12/2023 |Zara Glidden


How to Know When You’re Ready to Replatform

In the earlier days of the web, choosing a platform was often easy. Want something that lets you throw content into a bucket? Go with WordPress. Building an app? you might want to reach for something like Ruby on Rails. Want an eCommerce platform? WooCommerce, Magento, and others were there for you.  But the web […]

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8/19/2022 |Steven Kreschollek

Digital Marketing

Email Newsletters: a Highly Subjective Guide to Keeping Your Subscribers

If you know your audience, and hopefully you do, investing the time in developing better emails is well worth the effort. Here are some truly exceptional newsletters to inspire you.

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8/17/2022 |Kayla


Why User-First SEO Is Not The Industry Default 

It’s an unfortunate reality: internet content production is largely focused on what the “search algorithm” wants to be fed, not necessarily what the user wants to find.

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7/11/2022 |Henry A. Ebarb II


Ultra Commerce: One Stop Shop for All Things eCommerce

Not your run-of-the-mill eCommerce platform.

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6/22/2022 |Zara Glidden

Monthly Download

The Monthly Download: March 2022

Another month, another 15 reasons to love the internet. 

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4/4/2022 |Zara Glidden

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