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Reflections approached Eightfold with concerns about site performance and issues with their digital program. The site was incredibly slow and relied heavily on the blog for any search engine opportunity. They needed to quickly optimize the site and guarantee users access to high-quality content.

Another focus was to bolster the existing content, improving its quality and ensuring that targeted search topics had copy befitting of the E-A-T best practices recommended by Google. Our goals were four key elements:

Key aspects

  • See to it that the site loaded and engaged the user as quickly as possible
  • Align conversion points to streamline user’s ability to contact Reflections
  • Properly optimize content for successful search engine opportunity
  • Ensure new content follows E-A-T guidelines
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Eightfold worked closely with business stakeholders to verify that the site was properly optimized, both in terms of speed and content. Within the first two weeks, our team quickly augmented site imagery with files that were browser-friendly. Eightfold developers worked on the code structure to ensure all information was delivered efficiently and properly per Google’s guidelines.

From there, we created a new strategy around the existing content and adjusted their approach to blog content with more authoritative sources. We also improved the site with better-positioned conversion features and provided technical enhancements for paid media services.

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Tactics & Strategy

Eightfold helps Reflections in 3 key areas for their SEO efforts:

  1. Technical optimizations & page speed updates
  2. On-Page Updates & adjustments
  3. Content velocity and production

Our SEO efforts decreased load times drastically – improving site speed scores to 90+. The On-page work ensured that we were able to take the site from around 2000 keywords up to 24,000 keywords and our traffic numbers helped increase lead forms by 415% YoY

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The impact was immediate and pronounced. Post-overhaul, the site load time was cut drastically from nearly 14 seconds to 4.5 seconds. These time-saving fixes had a tremendous effect on rankings as keyword totals shot up by 14 keywords in the following weeks. Our additional efforts with the blog began to pick up more opportunities as the improved content strategically aligned with Google’s standards.

Key site wins:

  • 415% Increase in Organic Traffic Year-over-year
  • 177% Increase in Channel Conversion Rate
  • 51.4% Decrease in Page Load Time

Product State

The site continues to grow its organic traffic and find new users that convert. The core goal for this site was simple: build our organic audience and ensure that they actually convert. We achieved the goal in spades and the site continues to expand and develop opportunities for the business. 

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